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Welcome! This site will include lists of works that were done by this author and also where to find it. The works include original fictions, fanfictions and commissioned fictions.

Original Works

Here is where you can find the list of Original Works that the author has done.

Title: The Emperor and His Thief
One Line Summary:

“As the Crown Prince's playmate, he lived a happy and carefree life until the day he was accused of murdering the Emperor.”

Category: BL/Danmei
Genre: Historical, Oriental, Wuxia (with hints of Xianxia), Drama.
Status: On-Going

Title: To Rise Again in the Apocalypse
One Line Summary:

"A cultivator who was betrayed by his sect member and end up transmigration into a modern world which is soon ravaged by zombies."

Category: BL/Danmei
Genre: Zombie Apocalypse, Xianxia, Xuanhuan, Qihuan, Fantasy, Harem, Reverse Transmigration
Arc 1 - CompletedArc 2 - On-GoingLinks:

Title: Bewitched
One Line Summary:

"As a twin, he had to replace his sister and pretend to be married off to the neighbouring country's Emperor until they find his sister."

Category: BL/Danmei
Genre: Historical, Oriental, Wuxia (with hints of Xianxia), Drama.

One Line Summary:

"A chance of survival or eternal death?"

Category: BL/Danmei
Genre: Quick Wear/Quick Transmigration, Thriller, Horror, Mind Games

Title: Call Me Daddy!
One Line Summary:

"A normal, second-generation young master end up being pulled into the world of E-Sports."

Category: BL/Danmei
Genre: Gaming, VRMMORPG, E-Sports, Humour, Slice of Life

Title: Rejecting Fate
One Line Summary:

"If one could relive his life over and over again to change his fate, he would but unfortunately, he could only leave messages to the past him."

Category: BL/Danmei
Genre: Transmigration, Time-Travel

The Emperor and His Thief

Character List

力芳明 | 林小

Li Fangming | Lin Xiao


Qin Yijun


Long Yinlian


Bai Chenyi


here are all the fanfiction that the author had ever done

TitleOriginal WorkOriginal AuthorOriginal Links
New Age of GloryThe King's AvatarButterfly BlueWebnovel
Operation: Shen Jiayi Survival MethodMo Dao Zu ShiMo Xiang Tong Xiu(Somehow, links on jjwc was broken)
At the crossroadsMo Dao Zu ShiMo Xiang Tong Xiu(Links on JJWC is broken)
Back to Mo VillageMo Dao Zu ShiMo Xiang Tong Xiu(Links on JJWC is broken)
Night Shift Fanfiction NSFWNight ShiftDanzoKei & xxmissarichanxxTapas
My Sweet HeavenGenshin ImpactMihoyoGenshin Impact

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Commissioned Work

Commissioned Work listed here is posted with the permission of the Commissioner.

TitleAuthorWord CountLinks
Coming SoonComing soonComing SoonComing Soon

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About author

Hello! I am just a normal person with a hobby of writing. I have several works around the web and as you can see, the things I write are mostly BL.

Most of my writings are heavily influenced by Chinese Danmei, so they are just like how danmei are, the plot as the main dish, romance as dessert.

About commissions

You can find information about my commissions here.

I am willing to write anything as long as it is BL (my bottom line is very low) but if there are certain kinks and fetishes, please reach out to me first. Just because my bottom line is very low, does not mean I tolerate everything.

If you want a sample of my NSFW writings, you can check on my Patreon. There is one that is currently open to the public.

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